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(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

    Part 1

    1) Simon .... very tall.

    2) She .... like football very much.

    3) How .... does one lesson cost?

    4) There .... a big supermarket next to my house.

    5) I .... agree with you.

    6) Neil can't .... tennis. He's broken his arm.

    7) .... some more tea?

    8) Last week we .... to Warsaw.

    9) I .... the film we saw at the cinema on Wednesday.

    10) Magda .... in England for her holiday last year.

    11) My mother .... never been to a cricket match.

    12) Joanna .... her new mobile phone.

    13) .... ever seen a comet?

    14) If I were rich, I .... buy a huge farm in Somerset.

    15) They .... pass their exam if they studied hard.

    16) I wish I .... play a musical instrument.

    Part 2

    1) Do we .... pay for our drinks now?

    2) We .... go to the theatre tomorrow if you like

    3) I .... but my brother doesn't.

    4) Yesterday my aunt .... on the ice and broke her leg.

    5) .... car is that green one there?

    6) Those shoes are very expensive, .... they?

    7) We moved to this town two years .... .

    8) Are you .... get up soon?

    9) My brother is going to be .... engineer.

    10) Take your umbrella - I think .... is going to rain.

    11) How .... does it take to get to the railway station from your house?

    12) I've worked here .... three years.

    13) Have you .... met a famous person?

    14) .... was the weather like when you were on holiday?

    15) Would you like a .... with your apple?

    16) Tom is only six but he .... already read very well.

    17) Mount Everest is the .... mountain in the world.

    18) The bus stop is not far .... our flat.

    19) Is that sweater .... ?

    20) I've never .... to the USA.

    Part 3

    1) I could talk to him but he doesn't come here often, .... he?

    2) We've been colleagues for ages. I .... him since I first moved to London.

    3) If he .... a second time, he wouldn't have succeeded.

    4) You photo identification at the check-in.

    5) If you like modern art, you .... really visit the new exhibition at the museum.

    6) I heard in .... news today that the flights will be disrupted.

    7) I'm sorry, I .... to get to change that money for you, I was too busy.

    8) It happened ages ago. I .... in New York at the time.

    9) .... , he didn't do as well as expected in the exam. The teachers wondered why.

    10) .... Pyrinees Mountain range separates France and Spain.

    11) She .... me Steve had lost his job.

    12) I think people nowadays are a lot more technically-minded than they .... be.

    13) Did you see .... moon last night?

    14) I wish all airlines would .... children fly for free.

    15) If they'd wanted some assistance, they ... asked.

    16) What a noise! You fed the cat, .... you?

    17) I wish I could go camping with you next weekend, it sounds fun. .... though I have to work.

    18) She asked him .... he wanted to go to the race course.

    19) Paris has some great museums .... you can see the impressionist painters.

    20) You .... told me! I wouldn't have written to her if I'd known!

    21) We are going to the theatre tomorrow .... it is too late to book tickets.

    22) You have taken the rubbish out, .... you?

    23) You must drive .... because of the storm.

    24) Are you going to the club tonight? You .... pay an entrance charge if you arrive before 8pm.

    25) She woke with a bad stomach ache. It .... something she'd eaten.

    26) You'll remember to invite her, .... you?

    27) What did you .... do in your last employment?

    28) I was rather put out when I heard my daughter's teacher .... her run twenty times around the playground!

    29) I think people nowadays are a lot more technically-minded than they .... be.

    30) Congratulations on your latest test results. You did much .... than you did the previous time.

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